In the Lounge

WaterWorld Universe
Still playing with the macro lens of a friend,
I made this shot of what could be a Traffic-Light Cocktail?
Anyway enjoy the lounge atmosphere

WaterWorld Universe

WaterWorld Universe
After months of inactivity on the photography front, I finally
got to play with my camera again during my vacation.
I was able to make the shot above whilst playing
with a macrolens from a friend (thanks Reinout).

Clearing My Mind

WaterWorld Universe
Is this where the Architects of the mid-centuries got their inspiration for the ghotic cathedrals from? The high massive pillars of the beeches with their branches forming a steep roof or ceiling, the sun rays entering from high above... A few minutes after taking this shot, 3 deer crossed my path... One thing is for sure, walking through these woods on an early morning clears my mind!

I guess more of you may be curious as to what post processing I did. Actually I did very little... What you see here is pretty much how the shot came out of the camera. The only big change was the cropping I did, which led to the square frame (which displays better on on Flickr), and some minor brightness changes.

The three different sections in terms of light or brightness you can see are not artificial! The immediate foreground is relatively bright because its situated right before the woods, yet lies in the shadow of the woods as the sun is on the opposite side... The middle area in terms of depth is the darkest as to the left of the path there were a lot of pine trees which you cannot see in the photo, still you do see the extra shadow created by these trees. I made this darkest section a few percentages (3%) brighter and did the the oppposite to the furthest or deepest section. The far end is brighter as this section of the woods is the home of mostly beech trees which after having lost their leaves allow significantly more light into the woods.

The WaterTree

Winter Softness

The first shot on on my blog Flickr taken with my new Canon camera.
The droplets on the leaves yesterday morning caught my eye. 
With a little bit of imagination you can see that the veins 
of the leaf form the branches of a tree with the 
waterdrops being the fruit they bear.

Once Upon A Time - Deep in the Forest

Winter Softness

A fairy tale landscape, one of my favorite places for a stroll on a Sunday morning
This photo as available for sale as a postcard from Zitipublishing

"De Stadsreiger" een Blauwe Reiger

Een Blauwe Stadsreiger

It's not unusual to find a Heron in a town or even city
 as big as Amsterdam. This photo was taken in Edam,
 a town for its Cheese in Holland.

A Flemish SUNday

Winter Softness

Wooden soldiers defending the canal on a sunny SUNday!
A photo shot on top of a bridge going across two typical
canals in Flanders. A not unusual Flemish landscape...
...canals with rows of Poplars.

(If all goes well this photo will appear in a book on Monet shortly.)

Winter Softness

Winter Softness

A sunset with the soft colours of a mild winter in the Flemish Polders

The Beauty and The Beech

Winter Softness

Massive beech trees in a Belgian forest, embraced by the warm colours of the fall.
The winter is coming.


Standardization / Standardisation

Standardization, standard practice in IT... and now the 'virus' is spreading?
Spice up your life with reflectors ;-) I took this shot in Paris, where apparently the bicycle
has become a new form of public transport! Every few blocks you can find one of
these bicycle-stations, all part of an initiative to reduce the smog ...

A Message in a Bottle

Winter Softness

"I'll send an SOS to the world..., I hope that someone gets my ... I hope that someone
gets my message in a bottle" (The Police). I found this bottle on the beach today and was able
to make this shot with the lovely soft light of the sunset. No need to ask, yes I got wet feet.
(FYI - I took the bottle with me and threw it into the thrash... )